Saturday, 3 September 2011

Towards a new #FollowFriday. Mentioning new followers avoid cliques & adds sparkle.

Sick of seeing the same people mentioned over & over in #FollowFriday messages on Twitter? I am. I also noticed a new trend of welcoming new followers rather than reinforcing existing cliques. It seems much more open, democratic & less celebrity obsessed, so I've been adopting the practice too.

What I do now is to follow everyone mentioned in a #FollowFriday that includes me, then after a week if I haven't grown tired of their tweets, will say hello as an alternative to the now out-dated #FF. I get about 10 or so new followers each week & say hi to them the next in only one or two tweets. If other folks upgrade to this approach they'll find their tired timelines have some new sparkle.

Of course I do reserve the right to give special mentions to pet projects, causes or extra special folks, but I think I'm now sharing more of the love with newer folks who deserve a break. What do you think?

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