Friday, 6 January 2017

Cheesy Chicken & Vegetables

Chicken breasts - 4
Cheese - grated 200 gm
Carrot sticks - a bowl
Mushrooms - 6 medium
Sweetcorn - half a small can
Green beans - pack trimmed
Peppers - one large diced
Cream - large dash
Milk - a cup or so
Chilli powder - sprinkle over
Salt - to taste
Pepper - to taste
Chicken Stock - one cube mixed in water
Mixed Herbs - to taste
Parmesan - to sprinkle over near end of baking

Made this after New Year to use up stuff in the fridge that needed eaten.

Dice meat and chop veg. Mix with other ingredients except Parmesan.

Bake covered at high heat for 1 hour stirring halfway. Reduce to medium heat and and bake uncovered for another half hour, sprinkling the Parmesan on halfway through to brown.

Serve with lettuce and tomato salad with vinaigrette. Yum yum :-)

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